- Detox treatments -

While our bodies detox naturally every day, this process is influenced by the lifestyle choices we make.

A detox program, or cleanse, can reset the body, assisting its ability to detoxify naturally again. This enhances vitality and builds resistance to ailments and disease.

There are many varieties of cleanses available with the best choices involving hydration, a variety of clean foods and at least 20 minutes of movement each day.

Our experience in this area led us to develop four simple, easy to follow detox programs.

Express Detox – 14 days
This relatively short program is suited to active and healthy people looking to optimise their health, perhaps after a time of indulgence or to complement an established healthy routine. The Express Detox is suitable for people who do not suffer from digestive or other health concerns.

Integrated Detox – 4 weeks
This program is designed for people suffering from chronic or extensive health concerns. It aims to improve digestive function and overall wellbeing. It is a safe and effective way to help your body remove toxins efficiently using a tailored nutritional plan, key supplements and guidance from our experienced team.

Love Your Guts Detox – 6 weeks
This extended detox program is designed to support digestive and liver health. If you suffer chronic digestive symptoms, conditions or imbalances, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Coeliac disease, indigestion, constipation, bloating, food intolerances, inflammation or pain, it can assist and support your body’s innate ability to heal and restore digestive balance.

Mecca Diet & Detox – 21 days
The Mecca is a powerful detox plan, which allows your body to reset its metabolism and release excess body weight, helping you return to your natural state of health. This program requires commitment. It is simple and clear to follow and is a springboard to leading a healthier life.

We provide assistance to clients on our detox programs, supporting them every step of the way through what can be an emotional time at first as the body expels things it has held onto, such as toxins and negative energy. Colds and headaches can arise and unexpected feelings can surface. In time, these symptoms will be replaced with clearer skin, more energy and, although it is not the main goal of a cleanse, weight reduction.

Please get in touch if you would like to try one of our programs. We look forward to celebrating a new and healthier you.