- Cleanse your diet, body & mind -

We clean our houses so that they are safe, comfortable places we can return to and relax in at the end of a day out in the world.

If our bodies are, as they say: “The true houses in which we live”, it stands to reason that we must regularly care for them in the same way.

We have helped hundreds of people cleanse their bodies, realising their full potential through our specialised diets and detoxes.

“I was ready to give the Mecca a go. I had been referred to Carolina and I knew she was fantastic so I just put all my trust in her and off I went. In 21 days I lost 8kg. To put it into perspective, I was 60kg when I saw her. I wasn’t overweight so I didn’t have a lot to lose but the Mecca helped me lose those extra few kilos.” – Emma

“Carolina is fantastic. I now realise the value in food, not only nutritionally but also calorie-wise because it has changed how my brain works altogether. I have more energy and now I ask myself if what I am eating is beneficial to my body or not. It’s a big transformation.” – Gene

Some of our clients begin with a desire to manage weight, while others are experiencing symptoms such as bloating, fatigue or skin disorders. Symptoms are our bodies telling us something is not right – the system is experiencing difficulty in some way.

Everyone’s path to optimal health and wellbeing is different, which is why we tailor each cleanse and detox journey to the individual by discovering key aspects about them, including their history, diet and even beauty routines.

Our aim is always to empower people by educating them about what is best for their unique systems and providing them with the tools needed to create optimal health and wellbeing, which they can then maintain daily.

Your journey to a healthier, more balanced body begins with your decision to make it happen. We are here to support you on that journey, enabling you to fully enjoy the world and everything it has to offer. Take the opportunity and don’t look back.