- Intolerances & allergies -

In our practicewe see a lot of people with food intolerances. This is not surprising given 45% of people are said to suffer from food intolerances or the additives placed in foods.

Many people who come to us are not aware of these intolerances, which can even be to the healthiest of foods, while some of our clients have been avoiding a beneficial food because of suspected allergies.

Intolerances differ from allergies in many ways. Symptoms of an allergy appear fairly immediately after the food is ingested or even in some cases, come into contact with, and include a range of inflammatory conditions that are easily identifiable.

By contrast, symptoms of an intolerance usually appear 12-24 hours after food is consumed and can be more vague and difficult to easily link to the food in question. Therefore, intolerance sufferers often put up with or attempt to manage their situations, without really knowing the full information.

Preservatives and flavour enhancers like MSG are typical aggravators, but dairy foods, eggs, wine (red wine in particular) chocolate and fruits such as strawberries, citrus and tomatoes can also upset digestion.

People also often complain of discomfort experienced with wheat, which is of course most commonly found in bread. However, in many cases this may be because bread is such a commonly over eaten food that it places stress on our immune systems over time from constant exposure to it. When your immune system is stressed, you are instantly more susceptible to health problems, such as intolerances.

Because the symptoms of intolerance can be quite general, such as bloating, diarrhoea, flatulence, constipation, a sore stomach or eczema, they can be attributed to many causes. People often visit western doctors to undergo blood tests that are inaccurate or to test and trial the plethora of elimination diets available, which can take time and energy.

With the technological development of DNA testingthis is no longer necessary. DNA testing involves a simple saliva test, which tells us what foods you are intolerant to and what your body responds to best. Finally, you will know how to make the necessary changes in your diet to go about your day comfortably with clean skin, energy and vitality.

Post by: Dr. Carolina Gonzalez (TCM)