- Living holistically -

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” – Plato

We talk about ‘holistic health’ a lot – our practice is based on helping people achieve just that – but what about ‘living holistically’. What does that look like?

I think the best way of describing living holistically is to say this: It is about being connected with your self – your physical, emotional and spiritual self. When doing this, you are listening to your body and respecting its uniqueness in the lifestyle choices that you make. In turn, this allows you to achieve sustainable health, providing the platform for you to live life to the fullest, whatever that may mean to you.

To live holistically, there are six guiding principles to remain true to:

Believe – Believe in you. Remember that you can create a life you love. You have the power to choose, the ability to create and the strength to remain true to yourself in this miracle called life.

Action – Show up. Your daily routine is the pathway to create the life you want. What you do is who you become – travel with grace and go with the flow.

Focus­ – Be true to what is important to you. Commit and get focused on what this actually looks like. Perhaps start an aspirational Pinterest or mood board to remind you of what your heart truly wants to experience in this one precious life.

Nurture – Be kind to yourself and those around you. Self care and the care of others encourages uplifting energy and vibrations, creating a positive ripple effect. Love thy self and love thy neighbour.

Embrace – Be your authentic self. Be present in the moment and embrace the immediacy of now. Delight in your present experience.

Live ­– Allow yourself the freedom to integrate everything you’ve learned as much as everything you desire to learn. Travel. Work. Play. Laugh. Awaken your inner child and let your imagination soar.

When you live holistically, you are in constant communication with your body, mind and spirit. This gives you the flexibility to constantly evolve and grow, spiritually and emotionally. What a wonderful place to live from.

Post by: Dr. Carolina Gonzalez (TCM)