- Depression & anxiety -

Everyone feels anxious from time to time – it’s normal, especially before a big occasion like a job interview. However, when those feelings persist and interfere with your ability to cope with daily life, you are probably experiencing anxiety.

Likewise, everyone feels sad or moody sometimes but depression is more than just a low mood. It affects how you feel about yourself and makes life more difficult to manage from day to day.

If you are experiencing anxiety or depression, a holistic counsellor can help.

At the Nature of Balance, we work with clients to help them understand why they are experiencing these things and what it means for them physically.

For example, we look at how anxiety is often the result of the mind either processing information from the past or trying to process information in the future. When experiencing it, the body goes into fight or flight mode, pumping excess cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream. Blood is redistributed away from vital organs, including the brain, so it can flow into the limbs. This can cause dizziness, a foggy brain, digestive issues and eventually, adrenal exhaustion.

With this awareness we can understand that no matter how great our fears get, our body is programmed to stay alive. More than this, it can teach us to look at our fears and ask why they arise when they do. From here we can begin the process of holistic healing and equipping ourselves with techniques to help us process anxiety.

When treating anxiety and depression, we also consider the use of acupuncture, relaxation techniques, herbal medicine, massage and exercise to help reduce stress, regain energy and move confidently into the future.

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