- DNA testing -

Have you ever wondered why one of your grandfathers died young of a heart attack while the other lived a long and healthy life? Or why one of your aunts has diabetes yet the other two do not?

The answers might be obvious – like your late grandfather being a heavy smoker – but sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

At least not to the naked eye that is but, thanks to the technological development of DNA testing, health practitioners are becoming increasingly well equipped to help provide this kind of insight into your own future health.

DNA testing is also known as physiogenomic testing. It involves a saliva test, which looks at 100 different gene variations that can affect your health, including: high blood pressure risk, diabetes risk, lipid (fat) profiling, body composition, sports and exercise profiling, stress responses, fertility profiling, oestrogen profiling, environmental toxins, addiction tendencies, seasonal sleep patterns and inflammation.

This allows us to discover your personal DNA blueprint, showing us your potential weaknesses, such as predispositions to certain diseases or conditions, as well as your strengths.

At The Nature of Balance, we use this valuable information to develop a preventative health program aimed at enhancing your natural cellular strengths, reducing health risks and ultimately preventing disease and maintaining wellbeing.